Design Thinking

By working strategically and long-term with design and product development, you can become more innovative, have a more efficient product range and an even flow of new products to the market.

This provides business values such as growth, competitiveness, profitability and satisfied customers.

Strategi och innovation

Strategic design

The key to successful design and product development is to have a clear vision, a good overall view and to collect information from many different sources. In this way, you gain knowledge and insights that can be fed into your planning and design processes.

By having a strategy for your product offering and its values, you can keep the range profitable and competitive.

We are happy to support you in your product strategic work and can contribute with range planning, develop product strategies, gather relevant information, do trend scouting, monitor technology development, create and develop ideas and so on.

Varumärkes- och designstrategi

Design identity

It is important that your products convey the values you stand for, that they reflect your brand and communicate your value proposition.

By developing a design strategy, you can create recognition and kinship between all your products, even if they have different functionality or were acquired from another company.

We can help you analyse today's product design, create a design identity and describe it in policies and guidelines.

Design management

Design management

Innovation, product development and design are complex and involve working proactively, managing the unknown and minimizing risks.

To do this in an effective and structured way, you need competence, supporting processes, methods and tools for both project managers and steering groups.

We can help you develop your way of working with design and product development!

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