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It's no secret that design creates business value.

With creativity, a user-centred mindset and responsible sustainability thinking, we create conditions for innovative and value-creating products.

We are passionate about contributing to your design work and design great products, those that really make a difference.


Concept design

A concept study is a good way to confirm and develop an idea at an early stage. It contributes to making your design and product development more creative, innovative and visionary. A broad analysis creates knowledge and insights about the market's needs and the demands and expectations of various actors.

In a concept study, we can be creatively bold, identify opportunities and explore different options. In this way, we can create innovative design and market concepts. The concept study is excellent to do before the pre- study of product development begins.


Industrial design

Industrial design is the design of industrially manufactured products. This means complex requirements and in our design work we always integrate usability and ergonomics, technical design, cost requirements, material selection, manufacturing process, assembly, service and other important aspects. 

We want to create design that gives news value, attracts your customers and strengthens your market position. We can contribute to all phases of the design work, from idea generation, sketches and prototypes, to detailed design, visualization and market concepts. We have expertise in the types of design needed for complete product design, such as interaction design, sustainable design, graphic design and packaging design.


Interactions design

Conscious users make it increasingly important to create good customer experiences and intuitive products and services.

More and more physical products are getting a digital user interface, and here great opportunities are created to modernize the product's design and to create added value linked to the possibilities of digital development.

Creating insights about users and usage context is central in designing easy-to-use and ergonomic physical products and digital services.

Hållbar design

Sustainable design

Sustainability is more urgent than ever. Our consumption of products generates large emissions that contribute to climate change and environmental problems. How can we think to design the most sustainable products possible?

As designers, we have a great opportunity to influence how products are designed and manufactured. All products require materials, manufacturing, transport and energy. To justify this, it is required that products contributes real value to their user and that they can be reused, remanufactured and recycled.

We can contribute with knowledge in sustainable design, eco-design, and circularity.

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