We help you succeed in your product development!

We design products, experiences and businesses that are positive for people and the planet!

Side by side with our customers, we work to discover opportunities and solve complex challenges.

We collaborate from strategy to reality to deliver the full business, product and environmental value of design.

Our services

We are committed to your entire design journey! We have extensive experience and broad competence in design and product development. Together with you, we work to understand your context and market, discover customer and user needs, develop and create attractive products and successfully bring them to market. We contribute with our creativity and structure and spread enthusiasm and confidence, so you can succeed in your product development!

Design thinking

Design Thinking

By working strategically and long-term with design and product development, you can become more innovative, have a more efficient product range and an even flow of new products to the market.

This provides business values such as growth, competitiveness, profitability and satisfied customers. We can contribute to your design strategic ability with services in:

  • Strategic design
  • Design identity
  • Design management
Design doing

Design Doing

It's no secret that design creates business value. With creativity, a user-centred mindset and responsible sustainability thinking, we create conditions for innovative and value-creating products.

We are passionate about contributing to your design work and design great products, those that really make a difference.

  • Concept study
  • Industrial design
  • Interaction design
  • Sustainable design
Design support

Design Support

A sustainable and user-centred mindset is useful in all types of development, regardless of whether you are developing business, markets, products or processes.

With our long strategic and operational experience, we can support both companies and innovation-supporting organizations with coaching, expertise and project management.

  • Coaching & support
  • Seminars & workshops
  • Scouting & inspiration

Value of design

Attraktiva produkter


Nöjda kunder


Ökad lönsamhet


Stärkt varumärke



The companies with best design performance increase their revenues and shareholder returns at nearly twice the rate of their industry counterparts.

The Business Value of Design

MacKinsey Quaterly, 2018


Companies that increase their investment in design are growing faster. Exports are increasing and innovation capacity is five times higher in companies that actively work with design!

Study by SVID, Teknikföretagen

och Svensk Teknik & Design, 2008.

We start from your needs

Our services are targeting product owning companies, technology consultancies and innovation supporting organisations. We start from your design ambition and contribute to strategy, design och product development work.

You can be...

A manufacturing company that wants to develop attractive consumer or industry products.

A technology consultancy in product development, that needs to complement with industrial design competence.

A business incubator that needs support, user focus and design.

Industrial design
Marie Nilsson


I have always designed stuff!

From lego houses, sand cakes and finger paintings... to ergonomic industrial vacuum cleaners, conceptual electricity system, smart waste handling, new thinking power tools, genuine chairs, practical packaging, challenging workout concepts, methodology for sustainable design and much more...

As engineer and industrial designer, I have +20 years experience from different roles in market driven product development of B2B products, ranging from smaller local to major international companies and own consultancy.


Senior Industrial Designer MFA

Founder of Öresund Strategy & Design


With a suberb strategic understanding and long experience of industrial design, Marie truly adds value to our development projects and portfolio discussions.

It is very rare to be able to deliver such a broad offering and I can therefore warmly recommend Öresund Strategy & Design.

Christian Norman

Product Development Manager

Hedson Technologies

Bintel smart sophantering

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