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We are proud to be part of all the exciting design and innovation work that is happening in the Öresund region!

Much of what we do is confidential, but some can be shown.

Here you can find clients and cases where we contributed with strategies, design and product development.



Strategy work for Swedish industry company.

Seminar and workshop on strategic design and innovation during Skåne Innovation Week 2019, in cooperation with Mindpark Helsingborg and Malmö.

Lecture in sustainable design

at Research Institute of Sweden, RISE.

Inspiration lecture about sustainable entrepreneurship and sustainable design for UF teachers at Ung Företagsamhet.

Seminar about design thinking and product strategies at THINK Open Space.

Business development and sustainable design

at High Five company incubator.


Bintel - Waste collection on demand

New innovative products that connects waste handling and internet of things.

Photo: Lazy Media

iTunnan - Fat return

Products and systems for simplifying

recycling of cooking fat.

iTunnan - Soft plastic compactor

A product for simplifying collection and recycling of soft plastics.

Hedson Technologies - GP Filter eQ

An innovative water filter unit that enhances and improves the working environment in tire shops. Design styling of first generation as well as vision of industrial design for future generations.

iTunnan - Fly lid

A product for improving handling of food waste in waste containers.

Graphic design and logotypes for HR company.

Biketrace - Smart bike lock

Products and services making bicycles smarter and digitally connected.

...and several others...

...we can't show yet.


Workshop "Communicate with sketches" at THINK Open Space.

Mentor for start-up companies

at THINK Accelerate.

Inspirational design exhibition

at THINK Open Space.


Skåne innovation week
High Five Halmstad business incubator

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We create sustainable strategies and transfer them into attractive, value-creating and competitive products and services.

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